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Welcome to the home page of the AJS & Matchless e-Group the on-line resource for everyone with an interest in AJS and Matchless motorcycles. 
Note, after 20 years, we are now on the GROUPS.IO list server - replacing the Yahoo e-Groups.  
PARENT GROUP IS NOW UP AND RUNNING and FULLY POPULATED with all previous Yahoo AJS & MATCHLESS e-Group content! 

And don't forget about our other groups (now catalogued as subgroups) are all here....  (or use subgroups link on the left panel) ....subscribe to the following list-servers too (or instead of the main group) if your interests are more specialized.  Each subgroup has its own files, photos and databases. 

  • Matchless Silver Arrow and Silver Hawk   
https://ajsmatchless.groups.io/g/MatchlessSilverArrowHawk  NOW UP AND RUNNING and FULLY POPULATED WITH all previous Yahoo content! (Dec 3)

  • Matchless P11 and Norton P11 

  • Pre-War & WD AJS & Matchless Motorcycle Group

  • AMC Hybrids 1963-68 N15CS G15 G15CS Model 33 G15CSR and 33CSR
https://ajsmatchless.groups.io/g/AMCHybrids   NEW GROUP - Join if your interests lie with the convoluted series of Norton/Matchless and Norton/AJS Hybrids

  • NEW GROUP: Matchless and AJS Competition motorcycles  Upcoming

This is the unofficial AJS & Matchless owners club for all AJS and Matchless motorcycle enthusiasts, one of the best kept secrets on the 'net. Exchange stories, advice, tips, hints, technical help and sources for that elusive spare part! Enthusiasts, past-owners, riders, owners or just those with an interest in the marque are welcome to subscribe. Pre-war, singles, twins, competition, hybrids, racing are all here.
Free subscription offers access to original service/parts manuals and literature (via 'Links' section), access to many AJS/Matchless photographs (via 'files' and 'photos' section), technical advice, searchable database of almost 52,500 AJS&M emails, fully indexed listing of all AJS & M features in Classic Bike, Classic Motorcycle and Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, frame numbers/dates, calendar of AJS & M rallies and events, free classifieds.....and much more. With over 2000 members 'immediately' available (via email) to lend their knowledge in answering questions and sharing tips, you know AMC advice isn't far away!
Add your Matchless AJS photos to the files section and your picture could be featured on our NEW main page!
If you have any questions about the use of this web site, please send an email to Rick Mann, egroup moderator


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